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Darkroom Log


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I am about to build a database for a communal darkroom, and I have a couple of questions about it.


We keep darkroom log everyday to keep records of people who came to use the space, any chemicals mixed if any, and names of monitors who cover the facility.


So, I created four tables so far: STUDENTS, LOGS (for any given day), SIGNUPS, and MONITORS.


I am trying to figure out the way these tables are related especially between LOGS, SINGPS, and MONITORS. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!




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First, why would you create table before defining relationships?. You need to assign a master table, which in this case would be something like "Rooms"


Now when you create this table , you need to create an auto enter serial number field and every other table with any sort of relationship to this table, should be linked to this field.


When creating a database, use your logic to determine how tables are going to be related. Keep in mind relationships are common sense. Good luck and try asking something more specific on the follow up post.

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Ok, fair enough.


In this database I would like to keep the following records:



Name of monitors (who overseas the lab)

Name of darkroom users with time-in and time-out

List of chemicals mixed

Any special note


I already have a table for list of users/students since I use this one for keeping the record of enrollment.


My logic for creating tables first was that I thought I can simply follow the structure of registration database which is composed of:







I just saw a parallel to what I was doing with darkroom log like this:


Students -> Users

Classes -> Log of any given date

Enrollment -> Sign-Up

Instructors -> Monitors


Was I mistaken to think this way? Is there a better way to make relationship among these tables?


Any suggestions would be great. Thank you again for your time.




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