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I dont' know how to use Get(ActiveRepetitionNumber) command.

In the field "On Time", there are only 2 values "Yes" and "No"

I want to count number of "Yes" and write the number to "found Yes" global field.


First, i sort the table base on On Time (ascending: "Yes" records at the end)

Go to fied "On Time".

MOve To Last record.

Set field (found yes, Get(ActiveRepetitionNumber)).


But the answer is 0 for Get(ActiveRepetitionNumber).

Please advise,



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Hello Kensg,

The Get(ActiveRepetitionNumber) function applies only to repeating fields (fields defined to have multiple instances per record) and its purpose is to enable a script to determine which instance of a field on the current layout the cursor is currently in.


To find the number of 'yes' values in a particular field, there are a variety of techniques you might use, but none of them involve the Get(ActiveRepetitionNumber) function.


One approach (still using a script to set the "FoundYes" global field) would be to first create a summary field called sOnTimeCount and define it to return a count of the On Time field. Then set up your script as follows:


Sort Records [Restore; No dialog] ascending on OnTime

Go To Record/Request/Page [Last]

Set field [TO::FoundYes; GetSummary(TO::sOnTimeCount; TO::OnTime)]


(NB: TO refers to the name of the table occurrence that your layout is based on).


This uses the GetSummary( ) function to capture the summary value from the sOnTimeCount field, for the group of records which contain the "Yes" value. So Cool!

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