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Display number of records found

Danniel Pizatto

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Hi everyone!


I work at a repair shop and we use a Filemaker database to manage customers, equipments, service orders.


I'm working on version two of the database and i'd like to add a feature that display the number of records accordingly to its status.


For example: when the technician arrives, he will see how much equipment are awaiting for his diagnosis. Or the person responsible to call the customers, see how much orders has a status "contact customer"


The Service orders database has a field called "status" and the quantity will be displayed in another table, called "start point".


I tried to make a search around the forum but not quite sucesfull.


Thanks in advance and sorry if I do not explain my situation clearly

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The best suggestion I can think of is for you to make one or several new relationships using global fields on the master file. Here is a start.


1. Create a global field Named "Contact Customer" and Type in "Contact Customer" into the field.

2. Create a relationship matching this field to the status field on the other table.

3. Create a new calculation field with the following formula:


4. This will give you the total records. You can now even add a portal to allow the user to go to each related record to get contact information if they need it.


I hope this is helpful.

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