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Basic Time Sheet


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Anyone have any basic time sheet examples I could take a look at?


I need to create a very simple timesheet that tracks the number of hours spent on a task in the database. It doesnt need fancy time stamp math, more specifically, we just need a spread sheet sort of format that has Monday-Sunday across the top, and the Tasks assigned to logged in user down the left, and the user just fills in a number of hours spent on each task.


But what is hard for me, is understanding how to make it like a calendar, where the user can go to Last week and update a number, or enter data if they forgot too for a specific day, and then also be able to go back to current week.


Data would have to be linked to Current User and the Jobs::Task.


I dont think its very difficult, but since I am still new to some custom functions like this, I cant seem to wrap my head around it.


Before posting i did search for other "time card" & "Time Sheet" posts, but needed to get more help.



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That is precicely a basic time sheet! But now what I am needing is something a little less Basic, and possibly difficult. Here is an example image.


Down the left side, I need to have a place for every record that is in the found set. So if there are 3 records, it might look like the example here. But it has to be dynamic enough that if there are 15 records, then i need 15 lines down the left column.


Top Row is the day of the week, at the bottom is the total hours.


We want to keep track of how much time is spent on each task, the employee will manually enter a number of hours in the the field that represents the task they worked on.


We need less of a time sheet, and more of a record of manpower spent on a task. since each task may have multiple people working on it, we need to be able to have UserA enter that he worked on taskID#1 for 2 hours on monday, and UserB may have also spent an hour on that task monday. So from the Tasks perspective, it has a total of 3 hours on that task.


Make sense? Multiple people will be working on the tasks, and we will want a running total for that task that is updated by these time sheets.




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