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I have a sales module which uses conditional value lists to populate checkbox sets for product options on different products. For products with no options, I have a single checkbox with the title "no options available." This is fine for the people making sales, but I need to also print this information on invoices.


Is there anyway for me to hide the checkboxes on my invoice report if there are no choices selected?


Does this make sense?

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If you display the field as a normal field without checkboxes, the selected options will show as a list (return-separated). If there are no options selected, the list would be empty.


So on your invoice I would use a CheckboxDisplay field with the calculation:


Case(IsEmpty(CheckboxField); "No options available"; CheckboxField)


And make sure you uncheck the option "Do not evaluate if all reverenced fields are empty" so it always returns a result.


Bonus Tip: If you want the selected options to display as a comma separated list, use this calcualtion:


Case(IsEmpty(CheckboxField); "No options available"; Substitute ( CheckboxField ; "¶" ; ", " ))

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Thanks, that seems like it will work nicely.


I still have on problem though. My product options display as a checkbox set of titles, but they actually add IDs to the field to get the price of the option from another table. If my field contains the IDs of product options, how can I display the names of the options as a list?

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