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This is my first database. I've modified the "People Management" template in Filemaker Pro.


I changed the lower portal to display a drop down box of General, Intermediate, and Journeyman.


Users will enter types of training and categorize in these three fields.


How can I create a report or find that displays just the results of the General, just the results of Intermediate and just the results of Journeyman?


Thanks and sorry for what's probably a very basic question. I can email the file if necessary.



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It really depends on what you want in the report. For example, do you want a list of all General training records only? Or do you want the list summarised by person? Or both?


What you need to understand is where you are going to get the required list from. In this case, you will get the list from a related table (the original Goals table I think). So what you need to do is to script the process where the user selects a type of training, then the database goes to related training records for the found set, summarises and prints the report.


I can modify the file for you if you email it to me but you need to specify the exact layout of the required report.

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I did take the existing "Goals" portal and modified it to include 5 fields.


Date Assigned

Date Done Actual




The status field consists of a drop down list that contains





I found that while in "Layout" mode there was a Layout "New Report" drop down available.


I constructed a new report which sorts by the status field and separates the General, Intermediate and Journeyman entries and then sorts them by Date Assigned.


My boss has left it up to me to decide how I want to do this. I can do this in a Word Doc with a table, an excel spreadsheet, a database or probably even a chalkboard. He doesn't care how he gets the info displayed he just wants it.


I'd still like to know how to generate three separate reports if possible.


One for General, Int, Jour.........


I can't figure out how to script this. What I have will work but now I'm curious how to separate the data into different report.


I'm going to order all the Filemaker books and study up on this. I can see this database expanding to include a world of different things which means one stop shopping for the boss and ultimately a lot less work for me. Novice doesn't begin to describe what I am with Filemaker but I am a quick study.



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I left out one very important detail. I want the list summarized by person. When I click on John Smiths report I want to see John Smiths types of training categorized or with all three categories separated on the same page.


I thought I had it whipped until I added a second user. His inputs just heaped into the first user's or in short the database is just one big database. Anyway, I'm happy with the database and input. I just need to generate the reports now.



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