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ha,a puny database.


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This is a really small Database I made in my playground file ( its what I use to trouble shoot Ideas, before I implement them into the working database)


I wanted to get your guys opinions on my newb efforts. lol


The main thing I wanted to troubleshoot was to be able to add data to a repeating field in a Purchase Order layout. It seems to work fine, but if you guys have any tips or pointers... Im all ears.



The reason I have the calculation(s) in a separate table is because in the real database, I don't want caculations run every time I access the record to cut down on processor speed. It was kinda pointless for this Database because it was so small. But my thinking behind putting it into a seperate table is to only have a calculation run when specific process's are accessed.


Other than that I would like some feedback on the Float table. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. It was the simplest method that came to mind to share data quickly between tables with out having to create a bajillion relationships.


I've been in Filemaker 4 months.. and loving it.

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I like the color scheme okay, but the structure needs a lot of work.


I strongly recommend going to a relational structure for the line items rather than the repeating fields you currently have. A portal of line items greatly improves the flexibility of the solution by allowing you to easily extend the number of line items and to easily count and view the Invoices where each Product has been used.


I would also recommend using table names that reflect the data that they contain. Using generic names is confusing to follow.


I'm afraid I don't understand your argument about moving the calc to a different table to improve performance. A stored calc is best if you're concerned about performance, but those cannot rely on data from other tables. Unstored calcs are performed on the fly as needed. Their performance is more a function of their complexity and dependancy on other unstored calcs and related fields.


I think you'll have to give some explaination of the 'float' table, as this is not obvious to me.

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