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creating something like quicken


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Am trying to create a check book with a running total. My problem is if I do a summary field I get the balance updating all the records. I don't know how to put in a calculation field that counts up all the deposits in one run to the current one so that I can see the changes. Same with deposits.


Appreciate any help on this.



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It depends a little on your structure and there may be more than one way to get this to work.


Assuming you have everything in one Checkbook table and you have fields Date and Amount in there, I'd suggest trying this: Add a second TO (table occurence) of your Checkbook table related to the first with a relationship like this:


Checkbook Checkbook by Dates Past =

Checkbook::Date > Checkbook by Dates Past::Date


This will match only those records that are older than the current record. Now use the Checkbook by Dates Past in an aggregate calc based on the original Checkbook TO:


Balance (calculation, number result) = sum(Checkbook by Dates Past::Amount) + Amount


This should show a running total of the Amount field. This assumes deposits are positive numbers and debits are negative, but it's not too hard to adjust if you use another method to indicate deposits and debits.

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