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Passing data from a specific field across Tables to exact same fieldname

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I have multiple tables.


The first Table you visit when opening the file asks you to set the City you are in. You select the city.

This value, I then want to pass to all other tables, as it is the key in determining all other values from complex table lookups.

However, I can't seem to get it to work.

If I copy the field "City" from Table 1 and paste it into a layout in Table 2, enter Browse mode, the field is blank.


There is no other relationship I can create, it is the lowest level match. All tables start from that setting (which city you pick).



The other thing I tried was using a calculation field "City" in Table 2, say -- that sets its value equal to "City" in Table 1. But in the calculation dialog, it requires a relationship. There IS NO relationship. I'm not matching anything in order to grab the data from the "City" field. I just want it, pure and untouched -- straight across to the new table, so that didn't work either.



Is there a way to do this?

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Hi Rifter1,


You havent said if the related tables have fixed sets of records or records get created on the fly by scripts / user actions.


Either way a simple link [relationship] needs to be created from tables, 2, 3, 4, etc back to table one that is NOT the city one.


I threw together a very rough and ready sample of one way to approach this. I am sure there are others but without knowing more details I can not give you a more foolproof result at this time.


Have a Great day!


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Hi Rifter & Pete,


I am trying something similar in 12 and came across this thread during searches. I tried to download the "http://members.cox.net/rifter1/assets/MJ8aew.zip" but it times out. Is it possible the link no longer works? Would it be possible to re link so I can see how you solved this in 7 for clues in how to solve it in 12?

Thank you for your help,


Brad Mc Mullin

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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