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Another Newbie Question - Can't enter data into a new form


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Hello all,


I am working on a new FileMaker application (I have only been using the product for a few days). I just finished creating a second table and corresponding layout. Now, the new form won't allow me enter the freakin' data (just to test it).


Does anyone know what would cause me to continually get the message; "Before typing, press Tab or click in a field, or choose the New Record menu command."


I've tried both of these and continue to get the same message. I figure that it has something to do with the way I created the form? (I have another form created, and it works fine.)


Thanks in advance for your help!



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Hi Vighpyr,


It sounds like you are attempting to type directly into a related field. I would check to see what table occurrence your layout is based upon Go to Layout > Layout Setup > Show Records From. Then check the fields you attempting to type into. If they are based upon a different table occurrence, you will receive this error.


In some circumstances, you can type directly into a related field. But it requires that there be a valid relationship in that moment (or that Allow Creation is on) and that you are not trying to enter data into the join field.


LaRetta smiley-smile

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Well i have the same situation.

Here is how i am trying to relate the table.



Purchase ID (PK)

Supplier ID (FK)



Purchase Line

Purchase ID (FK)

Product ID (FK)




Product ID(PK)

Product Name


I am trying to relate the Purchase Detail with Product and Purchase detail. But Filemaker creat another Graph or Table (I don't really understand it why? or How?). But is that a wrong ? why?

And how to resolve this in Filemaker?

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