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In my database I have for each client one indexed text field, in which I write the date and the remarks for each meeting. In addition I have a number of indexed date fields (first meeting, second meeting etc), where the date of the meeting and the comments are recorded.

Now I want to make a list showing the clients I have met during a particular period. In the text field I can find only one particular date (not a period). In the date field I can find a period, but only in either the first meeting field or the second meeting field.


I miss a Find-function "..and/or" - or may be another suggestion to design the setup.

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Hi, soapas!

I not very clear understand your question, but if your date fields is different, you can create in find mode few requests: one for each date field and put there period

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Hi sopax,


"or may be another suggestion to design the setup."


Em. Yes. As you are realizing, your structure is off. And you will continually run into problems with your current setup. Your notes should be related RECORDS - one for each date a note is taken. If you attach your file, we can provide suggestions for proper design so you'll never have this problem again.


LaRetta smiley-smile

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You will notice I added a new field in AaT1 called AaT1ID. This is a unqiue auto-enter serial. Every table you create should have one. Then I created a Noter table (also with an AaT1ID). Then I turned on 'Allow Creation of Related.' Now when you type into the Noter portal (or click the + button), it will create a new note. Enter notes and then perform a regular find on some of the Note dates. It will find all Clients with notes on those dates.


You have another problem in your structure as well but I can't translate the meaning. You have Salg 2002, Salg2003 etc. and you have I alt 2006, I alt 2005 etc. Any time you are adding fields with identical meaning (but just to hold different years etc), it is a sign of a problem.


You are obviously early in this design. I suggest you stop working on it and instead focus on learning proper relationships (using unique IDs). If structured proplerly, you could delete 26 fields from your current file immediately. These 'like' fields will also make searching and reporting a near-impossibility. And they will require 50-times the effort to design or maintain them. Your new Noter table relatiionship to AaT1 is a good example of how your solution should be structured. I hope it gets you going in the right direction. smiley-smile


ps. This forum says I'm max'd with number of attachments of 3!! 3 small demo files! The other two were just posted within a week! How can we help people like this?! If I delete them, anyone reading those posts will NOT have the example. I hope this forum 'at least' increases this quota; otherwise I'll quit wasting my time posting demos here and begin providing links to them instead. But not everyone has that option. And that is a shame. If you PM me your email, I will send the file. If you can't, let me know and I'll upload this to my server so you can download it.


3 small demo files. Good Lord. Oh Really!



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