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Building Product Database


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I am in the process of building a database for repairs, services, and products.

Working on products at the moment. Item codes are to be built out of a tree of identifiers.


(Category) / Group(any number) / Subgroup(1-8 for each group) / Metal (1-12 for each subgroup) / Size (0-10 for each metal).


At the end of it I want to have a separate table populated with records showing items, descriptions, metals and sizes.

My thoughts at the moment are to begin with a Group table, group records containing delimited text fields for subgroup codes, subgroup description, metal, and size. A looping script to build the item code and description from the text fields.

I have done something like this recently for the repair category and know that it will work, but what I would like to ask is whether there might be a better or more efficient method. The total number of records when this is completed will be less than 1000.



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