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Image container path and name set from variables ?


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Before i begin, i would like to say that i have a similar question to :




My issue is that i have a complex filemaker solution, and i want to make it simpler.


I want to take a static path and add a variable on to the end, then change the link in a container field to be this, and thus display a picture.


Our images are stored on our network, and i want to have our filemaker solution link to them, the images change frequently (We have print quality images and thumbnails)


the path is : \\servername\images\thumbnails\

the variable is : STOCKNUMBER


I want the container to have both of these concantenated together with a .jpg on the end, so it would be : \\servername\images\thumbnails\STOCKNUMBER.jpg


\\servername\images\thumbnails\ & STOCKNUMBER & ".jpg"


Which would change for each record that i view of course!


Is this possible ? how could i do it ? I have looked at google but i guess i am probably missing the basic understanding of how this works.


Thanks for any help you could supply at all...

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So far i have :


Defined a field called "stock" which will hold the stock number (the bit that changes in each record) - set to "1234"

Defined a field called image which is a container with the following calculated value : "\\server\Images\Filed\Web\" & stock & ".jpg"


This doesnt show any picture in the container (what am i doing wrong ?)


The same calculation in a text field gives the following :



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