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How to overcome entry field dependent portal row behaviour


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Spring is here! This weeks question...


My order DB has a line items table accessed through a portal. I have (with much help from others in this forum) managed to get it to disallow duplicate line-items on a per-order basis and succeeded in relating line items to the product table regardless of whether the order code or the model code is entered (either of which would always be unique in the product table).

Currently the user must enter their choice of item code type before entering any quantity greater than the default of one, otherwise the relational lookup for the line item fails. I do not understand why this is the case and would really like users to be able to enter Quantity & either item code in any order to avoid confusing my users. So far I have been unable to achieve this.

Fiendish trickery & cunning solutions invited! Many thanks in advance.smiley-laughing


Highly simplified stripped down version of actual DB attached. Order code may be entered with or without hyphen, model code is not case-sensitive.

FMP7, OS X.4.6

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