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error on import


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I am trying to import records into a file from another one. It keeps giving me the error message "No fields are defined in the data source."


What is going on?

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Ah. Vs. 7. I've had it do this many times. And it's importing from another FM7 right? Export from the other file to mer or something else, then import it in.


I believe this was fixed in 7.0v3 but I'm not sure. But if you created that offending fm7 by exporting, sometimes FM would forget to do 'whatever' it needed so it can be identified by another FM file.


There have been many posts on the subject. The file looks (and IS) fine ... but just can't be read properly by another FM file. If you open the offending file, fields are fine - everything is fine. But something was left out that FM needs.

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How bizarre. Has anyone figured out why it does this?


Yes, I just came across a post you had written on this already; thanks a lot.



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Has anyone figured out why it does this?

'IT' has a name ... it is called an unexpected behavior. Brilliant!


And yes, FileMaker must have figured it out because it doesn't seem to do it any more (at least it hasn't for me) and I tested like crazy in 8.0v1. smiley-laughing



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