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Settings for Movie/DVD-Database


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Hi, i'm thinking of setting up a movie/dvd-database. I have a certain design in mind but I'm not sure whether I can realize it like planned or with filemaker (or a certain fm-version) at all. any help upfront would be appreciated.


Here's what's on my mind:

- 3 main tables/databases (movies/dvds - actors - scenes/songs)

- many-to-many-relations between all those 3 tables/databases (????), as

-> every actor may appear in n movies or n scenes

-> every movie/dvd may contain n scenes and feature n actors

-> every scene/song may contain n actors and appear on n dvds

[if you're confused by scene/song, that's because I would like to also include music-dvd's into my collection]

- from within the database(s) i would like to easily be able to see i.e. to navigate from an actor to all relevant dvd's, same with scenes/songs or vv.


Now the questions:

-> What FM version do I need to have such a solution or - even better - have it in one single file?

-> Do I need any kind of joint (???) tables or support databases for that?

-> And - most interesting - are there maybe already existing movie/dvd-databases/solutions i might use as a basis? (i tried the movie template from the fm8-trial but that is far from what I am looking for)


thanks in advance!

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Welcome Marty,


You will indeed need multiple files or tables, some of which will be join files/tables to create the many-to-many relationships.


Attached is an ER Diagram of what I imagine would be needed for such a solution. If you try to build this in FM7 or 8, you won't be able to create that loop (Role >- Movie -- Role) in the relationship graph window. Instead you would use two TOs (table occurences) of one or more of them. Probably have Role -- Scene in one branch and Movie -- Role 2 in another branch.


While this could be built in any relational version of FMP, if you have a choice use the newest version, as the tools are a lot easier to use.

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