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Trouble hosting shared, password-protected files


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It's a mystery. I have a solution I've been designing for several years on and off. Was going to bring it into FMP 7, but on my current job, everyone's using 6, so I kept them .fp5 files.


I've finally brought the security up to a level where I could put it on a server and allow remote access over a network. There are multiple passwords allowing various levels of access. All passwords are members of groups, so that I could impose maximum control on each.


The files are acting oddly in several ways, and I'm wondering if it's all due to the fact that an attempt yesterday to copy them onto a 1 GB jump drive failed in the "preparing files to be copied" phase... and then froze my computer. Upon restart, the files alerted me they were closed improperly, but then seemed to behave okay after that. Later in the day, I realized I'd lost several hours of work and could not explain nor find evidence of fields created, layouts designed, buttons made, etc. I've had to recreate that work.


Today, I loaded the solution onto the G5 desktop that I wanted to use as the permanent home for the files. The first thing that happened is that the files opened as if they were closed improperly... AND with limited access, even though I used my master password. I closed everything and opened each file individually, putting in my master password. The files now work okay on that computer. (Never have the files crashed or asked to be recovered.)


So then - I opened the solution on the G5 with my master password and then went to my personal laptop to access the G5 remotely. I got a warning that I was about to host the file remotely... and that the solution might run slow because it resided on another computer. But I wasn't about to host it. It was already open on the G5. When I said ok, it told me the files were closed improperly (again)... [Are they still suffering from being messed up the one time my computer froze because of that memory stick?]


I've worked very hard on this solution, which still has a significant way to go, but is an extremely complex set of related files (12 files, currently). I'm concerned that I won't be able to them as multi-user files. Ideas? Suggestions? I'm at my wit's end.

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It's not clear what version these files are. You say you kept them .fp5 files, but you posted this in the FileMaker 7 forum. So which is it?


But in any case, it sounds like you're accessing files over the network via network file sharing. This is not the proper way to access FileMaker databases, and is a common cause of corruption.


To share FileMaker databases, one machine must be the host (with FileMaker's sharing settings activated for those files you wish to share.) You can host up to 10 clients with the FileMaker 5/6 client application, or up to 250 clients with FileMaker Server. OS level file sharing should always be disabled, and no other services should be running (for performance reasons.)


To access hosted files, the clients should use File->Open Remote... in the FileMaker application, and select a shared file from the host's list.


I'm guessing that your copying failed because the files were open on some machine or another. All clients must be disconnected and the files closed on the host before you can safely copy or replace any files.

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Whoops - you're right - I shouldn't have posted in the FMP 7 folder. I'm just used to coming here because I'm so "done" with using the previous version (which I'm being forced to do).


I don't know why I forgot about the "Open Remote" protocol. That's ridiculous that I was trying to open them the other way. Thanks for that reminder.


Is there anything I can do to "clean up" or make healthy my files again? A sort of trip to the doctor? If I use the file maintenance tools in my Developer 5.5 on files that haven't asked to be recovered... well... is it advised? (does 5.5 have those same tools as my Developer 7?) I hope beyond measure and with all my heart I haven't corrupted my files.

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If you suspect corruption, it's best to move the data into a known-good backup. This is what backups are for. ;)


I don't think Developer 5.5 has those file maintenance tools, but in any case, those file maintenance tools should not be used on files you suspect of having corruption. Save A Copy As...(Compacted) is better, but is not guaranteed to fix problems. See those Knowledge Base articles from your last thread for more about that.

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