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One to many ! How can I?


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Hello guys I need so info for buillding a small but efficient clinic database pacient, I have some ideias, please help me doing this or give me an example file to follow :


DB Project -> Medical Records


Table Paciente

Field's :


IndexID(Autokey)(Numeric)(Not allow to change)

Name (Text)

Age(Numeric) with calc. (Calculate Age by DOB) - (Date)

SSN (Number)

Sex (Text) Value List "M","F"

Father's Name (Text)

Mother's Name (Text)

Medical Problem (Text)


Table Exam's

Field's :


Whem the user clik to make a new exam I creates record from data of pacient from IndexID


IndexID (the same as Pacient field, linked for searching ou creating) (Numeric)

Name (Text) - Portal From Pacient table

SSN (Number) - Portal From Pacient table

BloodResults ( Number )

UrineResults ( Number )

X-Ray (text) value List "YES","NO"

X-RayNumber (Number)


DoctorExplanation (Text)



After that link is made and tables , The ideia is whem the user search or create the pacient in pacient table, whem the user click to go to the exam table it searchs if the (IndexID number ) Exist or not , if not creates a new one, if exists show data relative to the pacient, also It need the user to create more exam´s from the pacient data ( the same IndexId ) for in the future calculate how much exam´s did that pacient made.

Please give me an example or ideia how to start or file with some help!

Best Regards


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