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Creating Custom Functions in Filemaker PRO


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Do I have to have, filemaker pro advanced to import or create functions?

I have Filemaker PRO 8 and I want to create a custom function and its not letting me. Is there anyway around this, with out having to upgrade to Advanced?

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If it makes you feel better; it's worth it. ;)


The script debugger alone has saved me hours and hours of tedium by being able to step through complex scripts.


I've also come to enjoy the Copy and Paste ability in FM8 Advanced's ScriptMaker. Additionally, you can duplicate and import tables, saving some work if you wish to consolidate files.


And of course, the ability to add and edit custom functions is nice for those complex calcs, and those cases when a recusive calc is needed.

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And don't forget the DDR. DDR stands for Database Design Report. Basically, when you run the report it creates a web page on your local machine that contains all of the meta-data contained in your file(s).


It came in handy for me recently when I needed to change an email address that was hardcoded into many scripts. I ran a DDR and then did a CTRL + F (find) like you can do on any web page and it located all occurances of that email address. Without the DDR I would have had to plow through the scripts one-at-a-time in hopes of locating all occurances.


Like many of the Advanced features, you don't use them often but when you do they can save a lot of time.

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