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I've been designing a database for a company since December. Initially, this was a small project that was to be done in a month or so. Since then, it has grown to being held on a server that 5 companies access via "Open Remote" to share related client information. There is appearing to be no end in sight for when this project should be "Finished."


The problem was that I had initially spec'd only $25/hr, but I believe I should be paid considerably more than that now and would appreciate some suggestions from those of you who have been doing this a while.


To begin with, I've only been doing this off and on for a couple of years, but I have extensive database management experience and I have proven to do an excellent job with what is required in Filemaker Pro.


Here's what I've done and what I'm in charge of:

-Consult with every employee and determine a way to impliment their individual jobs into the DB functionality (5 different companies)

-Designed DB to accomodate 8 different Job responisibilities, which has included 9 tables, hundreds of scripts and dozens of layouts and reports, not including a semi-ad hoc reporting feature (that turned out pretty cool, I might add).

-Purchased & Set up Server/domain so that DB can be accessed from any location.

-24/7 response time for any problems or questions

-Oversaw Data conversion from spreadsheets to the DB I designed

-All aspects of planning, design & production of database development.

-Trained employees

-purchased and set up their computers

-I've also helped with other tasks like getting their entire file cabinets Document Imaged and put on a server database (60,000 pages or so). My doing this saved them $12,000 compared to what a copying center wanted just to make paper copies in 3 days.


While my experience might be lacking a bit to those of you who have been doing the FM development for years, I'm still getting the job done (which is the most important thing) and everyone is thrilled. The one drawback is it takes me more time to figure things out w/ scripting and calculations that it does for you veterans.


So...any hourly rate suggestions for me? I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks much!

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