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Trouble with Relationships and Files


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I am working on a new Data base the has relationships with other files and when I close the data base and reopen it it can't find the files that its looking for. I have tried to edit the "Define File References" to fix it bet the problem still continues. Also so you know I am using "Relative path" Format.


The way I have it set up right now as I am working on it is I have a folder on the Desk top in that folder I have 3 Files "master files" that have relationships to each other and have a sub folder that has relationships to the "master Files"


When I Open the file in the sub folder I get the message that one of my master files could not be opened. This hapens with all of the relationships I have set up on this file.


In Edit File Reference I have it set a

File Path "file:FileMaker/New IA Jobs/Job Book.fp7"


I receive the message "Job Book.fp7 could not be opened"


I then I manually open the file and it continues


is there a way to fix this? I will soon be putting these files on a server and multiple platform computers will be using the solution.


thank you for help or suggestions you might have.

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Your file path is not correct.


In the files within the subfolder, you would define the file references to the main files like:


file:../Job Book.fp7

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