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Scripts - can't edit/delete


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For some reason there is a script I created that I now can't edit, delete, or duplicate. If I try to edit it, I get an error saying that 'This script cannot be found or has been deleted'. If I try deleting, it asks if I'm sure I want to delete it and I say 'yes', it then just goes back to the list of scripts (and the script is still there).


I'm running FMPro Advanced 8.0 v2 on a FM8 server.


Anyone have any ideas? It was working fine yesterday...



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Same thing happened to a developer buddy of mine. One script "haunted" his solution ... couldn't edit, delete, anything. After running Recover..., he was finally able to delete the script.


Unfortunately though, Recover presents its own set of considerations. FMI states it is intended for the recovery of data, not as a method for removing corruptions. We're supposed to revert to a pristine backup.


Probably not what you wanted to hear first thing this morning ... sorry.

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You're right, not exactly what I want to hear first thing in the morning! I thank you for the response though (regardless of how painful it is!). I checked out last night's backup and I can't delete the script there either... I'll have to think about this one...



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I've run in to this problem a couple times now working on my current project, but only after having switched to Filemaker Pro 8 Advanced.


Both of the times that it's happened, it's been right after I've copied and pasted scripts from another file, so I suspect that has something to do with it. (Though, being a Filemaker newbie, I could be way off base smiley-wink )


Anyway, running a Recover worked wonders, thanks for the suggestion.

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