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File location paths


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Hi everybody! Help!

I'm working on a prototype for a friend, and have come up against a problem:

When we try to relocate our FileMaker-based system to another computer, it blows up in our face:

The file-paths remain the original=our first computer's paths.

Is there any easy way of changing the pointers?

We are having FileMaker control mp3's, played in the background by Windows MediaPlayer, and this works perfectly on our prototype.

But when transferred to a Mac, running OSX 10.4, we have 2 problems:

1.The error message shows the original file path, unable to find the file,

and after erasing the original "sound-icon", and inserting a fresh, with the


2.MediaPlayer takes over control of the screen (NOT running back-ground).

Any suggestions of how to solve this?

A frustrated Dane.

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