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Question with IWP and scripts


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Hi, I haven't posted in a while...and the last time I believe I was using fmp 5.5. I have since moved up in the world and am now doing my first fmp 8.0.


My question is in regards to instant web publishing. I have reworked a solution into filemaker version 8. Here is some background (i will attempt to be brief).

there are several records in this database and they are organized by region. I have created a script that when a region logs in, they only see all the records that pertain to their region (they still have access to see all the records in other regions - with no edit/delete privileges).

I am looking at possibly hosting this solution on the web.

I have tested out my solution and it seems to be working fine in filemaker

Finally, my question/issue:

Although my solution works fine in filemaker - it is ignored on the web. I have logged in as if I was from a different region, but I see all the records. (I still only have the ability to delete/edit my own regions). what is wrong here? and what should I do to make this work???


thanks for your help in advance.

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Hi James:


You're gonna love FM8, but it will take some time. We've all been going through a learning curve. It'll be worth it!


Regarding your "startup" script question, you'll need to do little investigation. Go into ScriptMaker to edit the script. In the bottom, left corner (beneath the script steps column) you'll find a small checkbox about Indicate web compatibility. When activated, any script steps "greyed-out" will not operate under IWP. Check your startup script for any greyed-out steps.


Let us know what you find, and we'll see where to go from there....

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Hi. I checked out if my script steps are acceptable for the web. They appear to be.

To give you an idea how the script is written:

go to layout "run"

If [Get (PrivelegeSetName)="[full access]"

show all


enter find mode

insert calculated Result [(location; Get (PrivelegeSetName)]

perform find


---note: field location is the data as the privelege set name

solution works great in filemaker. -example (for privelege set name - London. London logs in, the system knows that it is not "full access" performs a find places London in the Location field, and performs a find.

However, this does not work on the web. I think it is getting hung up at the If statement and returns a result of showing all records.

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soory guys....your first question, I missed a 'perform script' step that had an if statement that zoomed in/out the page depending if I was looking at a form view as opposed to a list view....


so that brings up another 2 questions:

1. if I want to adjust the window and not have this issue with the web, how do I get around this?

2. how do I adjust the view on the web (the list view that I start in is kind of small)


again, my apologies for missing that.

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