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Seeking Solution - Export data to HTML Page

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I am seeking the services of a Filemaker Developer to create a simple solution for my design firm. Solution must be designed in FM 8.


Please PM me with any questions or for contact inforamation.




Here is a short description:


I would like a a light weight FM database design which will give me the ability to export an individual data record as an HTML file with various fields entered into preset areas of a templated HTML page. The publishing the record via the built in FM web publishing is not an option, though use of any built in functions of the web publishing capabilities are acceptable. Data record must be saved out as a .txt or .html file.


Here is an example of usage:


I will be using the database to produce proof sheets for clients to view on the web. The html will be cut and pasted from the output file into an online form.


Example Core Tables:


T1) Customer Table - This will hold minimal customer info such as name and email address.


T2) Template Table - This table will hold multiple layout template parameters such as header and metadata info, style sheets and actual page layout code. The template will have referenced tags for the purpose of Proof data record insertion.


T3) Proof Table - This table will hold unique information for each proof such as title, subtitle, design notes and pre-filled data for terms, conditions and commonly used verbiage.


T4) Global Variables Table - This table will hold global information for insertion into various fields in the Proof Table along with global configuration settings which will be unique to the user of the database.


Example Functions to be included:


F1) Ability to select multiple images on local hard drive for insertion into Proof Table record.


F2) Once images are inserted into the record, the resulting proof record with an applied template should be pre-viewable in a browser or within the Filemaker program (this would be preferred).


F3) Once the previewed proof record is considered complete, the option to commit the proof should be available with two steps.


F3a) User selectable button, which uploads the inserted pictures to a predefined global FTP location.


F3b) User selectable button which outputs the final HTML with template applied and pictures properly referenced to the fully declared web location of image files (


Additional Design Parameters:


P1) The need to email from within the application is not required.


P2) Minimal GUI design required.


P3) Solution must be both Mac and PC compatible or coded for each operating system.


P4) Solution should be designed with the possibility of future executable compile option.


P5) All functions and code must be fully unlocked and accessible to me, the purchaser.


P6) I would have full ownership upon completion of the project.


P7) No external plugins from other FM developers can be used to create functionality of the database.

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