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Bypass Startup Script


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what if you try at the beginning of the startupscript


if[get(activemodifierkeys)=#your combination#]

end script

end if



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That doesn't seem to disable the script. It simply promts me for a new login.


Login happens before any startup scripts run. So the option key thing won't do anything until immidiately after you login.

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I've tried holding down the option key throughout the opening process (including while re-entering the login) but it's still running script.

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The systems I work on have a step at the beginning of the start script that checks for a specific patternCount() in the currentUserName.


Depending on the patternCount() 'read' it runs or doesn't run sections or all of the rest of the startUp script. We have found this extremely handy for unattended starts [web app servers] and or automated update merges that span >30 hours.


We also use the currentModifierKeys() for a quick on the fly bypass.


Either way has proven good.


Have a Great day!

* *pete.

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Here's an option that worked for me:


Create a new file, and a new script within that file that reads:


Open File ["Your File"]

Send Event ["";"misc";"dosc";"command+."]


Run the script.


This will open the file in question and send the Command+. keystroke, effectively halting the startup script before it has a chance to run.


Then you can relax again.

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