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How to manage all these scripts?


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I know it’s a stupid question but I thought I’d ask it anyway.


After importing all of the scripts from a multi file solution into a single file solution. How do you figure out scripts to keep and the ones to dump? There are so many duplictions because you needed so many of the same scripts because of the multi files. Now when you bring all of the files together, you need to delete all those duplicates. There are so many, it’s just kind of mind boggling and how do you keep from deleating the wrong ones?


Any thoughts,



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If you have filemaker advanced, you can create a 'database design report' which is a HTML or XML document that you can browse through, following threads of scripts, which fields and layouts are used, which scripts use this script etc.

Presumably this may help you to weed out the dead ends. Nevertheless, even with this tool you may find yourself in a timeconsuming and error prone process.

You could consider just leaving the unused scripts in place as long as everything works, and perhaps just starting again from scratch... using the converted solution as an interim version.



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Hey James,


I ran across this program on the internet that really looked interesting. Called the Inspector. It can tell you if any table, script, field, etc. is DEPENDANT on something or if something is DEPENDANT on it. It does require you to have the Filemaker Advanced so you can produce the XML report KJOE mentions in his post above. But this program than goes through that report and organizes everything in a pretty cool interface. I'm toying with the idea of buying it but I'm too broke at the moment.


Watch the video at this link and let me know what you think?





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