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Truncate Value in Text Field?


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I have a field (Company Name). It has a Maximum of 50 Characters defined in Options>Validation>Maximum Number of Characters. This is fine for most layouts.


However, I want to place (CompanyName) on one layout where it displays only 25 characters including spaces. On the most basic level, I can just make the field shorter on the layout, but this does not work properly for all situations because FM breaks at the nearest "space" that is located prior to the end of the field and then hides the rest of the text until you enter the field.


It seems that there must be a way to define another field (CompanyNameCalc) that takes the text from the Company Name field and truncates it at 25 characters.


I cannot come-up a calculation or text function that will do this. Any ideas?

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Good morning:


Your hunch is right; you'll need a calculation field (Text) to handle this 25-word truncation.


In the "box" where you define the calculation's argument, take a look at the "Text functions." You'll find a bunch of toys there.


Try the Left ( text ; numberOfCharacters ) function, in which you can declare the number of characters you want to keep. Replacing the parameters with your real-world stuff, it will end up probably look something like ...


Left ( Company Name ; 25 )


Let us know if this is what you had in mind.

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