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FileMaker 8 - Inbox Manuals are Horrible


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I just joined the forum. I am a new user to fmp 8. I quickly discovered that support through fmp directly can be challenging; e.g. The users manual in the box is worthless.


I am a behavioral healthcare manager and will use fmp for referral databases, mailings etc. But I imagine as I get better I may use it for just about everything.


Thank you for having this forum.

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Welcome David!


The user's manual is terrible for trying to learn FM. It is really just a reference document much like a dictionary is a reference book for english. Anybody trying to learn english by reading the dictionary would be similarly frustrated.


I've been using FM for so many years now that I have no experience with today's beginner level books so I can't recommend anything. Perhaps someone else can. You might also check into training CDs or classes in your area.


You will also pick up a lot of good tips and sample files on this discussion board too.


Once again, welcome!

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