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Does custom development include code


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Maybe a stupid question but I don't think I've seen it discussed. If you are developing a solution for a company as an independent contractor/developer. Do you provide it "open architecture" where they or another developer can make changes to it. Or do you keep it locked and unavailable for changes, other than by you the developer.


I guess this could vary based on the circumstances and customer. But what would the rational be one way verses the other. On the one hand they are paying for it. Yet on the other, it's your code.


Thanks for your help,



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I am no legal expert but i think common sense should prevail here & here are my thoughts on the matter, I'm sure more professional people on this forum who have experience in this matter will give you their own slant on things.


If the product you are selling is your own system that you have developed as a base & you are proving it to a customer with his own rquirements then you would keep the system rights & therefore you should passwword the system to protect your copyright. Any future custom modifications would need to be carried out by you or an agent specified by you on your behalf.


If the customer has a payed you to develop a new system from the ground up then he should retain all the rights to the system, this means that he is then free to employ any devloper he wishes to make future changes irrespective of th ework you have done. This would also mean that you could not sell his product to your customers as you would then be in breach of copyright.


Basically you need to decide which way you want to go then you need to get the terms & conditions setout to cover both you and your customer before you start the work..





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