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Conditional Value Lists in Portal


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Hello All,


I have been modifying a business application and have been doing great, but I am stumped!


I have 1 file with multiple tables. Essentially it is:




Estimate Hold

Sales Orders

Sales Orders Hold


The hold files hold the line items for their perspective files. On the sales orders page there is a portal in which you enter your line items.


What I am trying to do it is in this portal have the first Drop down be Category. This will get its options from Inventory Table:category. Then based on the selection I want the next drop down on the same portal row to be Inventory Table:part number. But I only want it to display the part numbers that correspond to the respective category.


I have tried the slef join but I am at a loss.



Any help would be great

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Solved, I actually got it to work before I got a response, but I solved it the same exact way. It really helped to write it out!


Thanks again!!



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