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Error 10011 Data used by another user


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I've been creating a database of image file names and a series of Photoshop scripts that can be run to work on selected files when a button is pressed.


Under certain conditions that seem to be related to whether the cursor is located inside a data field, I receive the error message 10111


- Data is being used by another user, script or transaction -


when I try to change the data within a field using scripted command. If I run the script from the Applescript Program outside of Filemaker there are no problems, it's only when the applescript script resides within a filemaker script. I've included a chunk of script that hangs. The very last line causes the error.


Two questions

1) Does anyone know how to stop this error occurring

2) If the error cannot be stopped how do I run a script via apple event?


Many thanks



set FileSkippedMessage to ""

set skipThisRecord to false

set Newfilepath to ""

tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

tell current layout of database "Next Photo data"

set ParsedName to cell "ImagePath" of current record

set Newfilepath to cell "ProcessedImagesfolderpath" of current record

set Newfilepath to Newfilepath & "/" & ParsedName


set ParsedNamePath to (cell "ImagefolderPath" of current record) & ParsedName

-- following line will not work

set field "ImagePath" of current record to ParsedNamePath

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