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'not' related (complete FM novice!)


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I am just looking at FM for the first time (am an FM novice, but have good

understanding of relational database theory etc. - am a programmer by trade).


As a first pass, I am trying to get a simple DB together which contains 3 tables, Contacts (id:number:serial, name:text), MailLists (id:serial:number, name:text), and Links (cid:number, mid:number).


Basically this is to model a set of mailing lists where contacts can belong to zero, one or more lists.


My question is:


Is it possible to show information NOT contained in a table in a portal or other means? What I am trying to do is create a single layout which shows the contents of the currently selected Maillist by showing on the left hand side all the names of contacts NOT in the Maillist, and on the right hand side all the names of contacts IN the maillist, with some buttons in between which can be used to move contacts in/out of the list.


I can get the list of CURRENT members Ok, but am failing to get the list of NON members, if you get me?


I think another problem is that due to my FM infancy I have no idea if this sort of approach to creating new records in a 'link' table is viable/possible.



Any comments would be much welcome, and help on the scripting side to add/remove entries in the links table behind button clicks would be fantastic.

(Remember- not FM literate so you'll have to bear with me on some of the terminology)


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