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Scripting find and status functions?


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Here is my situation (I have Filemaker Pro 6). I have a movie database; with a field "year of movie".


I have done a fine on the year in question.

Then i created a script.


This script was working fine.

Then for no apparent reason that i can find; it was not working fine.


Basicly; the script just went into the find mode; performed the fine on the "year of movie" field; ran an error check


if [status(CurrentError>0 or Status(CurrentFoundCount) =Status(CurrentRecordCount)]


Go to Layout[Find Movie Menu]

Show all records

Show Message[........No Data Found]

End If


and then (IF PASSED ERROR CHECK) ran a sort.


Now; this script was working. Then it was not. Period. Basically the error check let everything pass.


So i created calculated fields = to the Status Fields used in the error check and then created custom dialogs where these fields would be displayed before the error check to validate there data. Then i ran a test with a "movie year value" that would have 0 results.


Here was my second suprise. Status(CurrentRecordCount) was 450 (and it should have been 450); Status(CurrentFoundCount) was 450 and it should 0;

status(currenterror) was 0 and it should have been >0 (I believe 401).


So now i am at a total loss. Why would a working script suddenly not work?

Why are the Status Fields in question not updating?




I had a backup (copy) of this exact script and I deleted the "broken one" and renamed the backup to the name of the original and reconnected the button to the script and ran it and everthing worked again. BUT when i inserted Custom Dialog as mentioned previously i still got the same strange results.


Please; anyone help me. I am totally confused now.

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