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Email Multi Attachment


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Hi, To all,


I want to use "SendMail" command with multiple attachments.

It sends a single or multiple mail programatically on the basis of found set. But i could not send multiple attachments. Even manually adding multi attachments, it sends only one attachment.


Is there any setting which restricts to send multi attachments?

Is there a way to tackle this multi attachment problem programatically?


Please convey.



FileMaker 8 adv/pro

O/s- Windows and Mac OS 10

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it appears to be impossible to send multiple attachments. From the helper I understood that it uses the general filepath query search thingy. which means that it just takes the first path it encounters that works and ignores the rest. I think this is a little silly. As fm generates an error if you try to add a folder instead of a file, I guess the only option is to zip your files into one. (tested on v8.0v2)



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Thanks for reply.

I think there are only two possibilities remains..

1) Bug in FileMaker 8 as it mentions that "Click Add file to add one or more files to the path list...". It adds many files but consider only one file. which is meaning less.




2) Something i am missing in settings of email.

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I don't think either. It's just the way the filepath list feature behaves, you can gather as much from the helper file. It would be nice to have the option though.



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