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More FileMaker Help Needed (Telecommuting OK)

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I'm a small business owner and financial planner who knows and uses FileMaker. I've been working on a solution for a particular niche of financial advisors known as "fee-only" (we don't make money on clients' investments and charge a flat fee). We are a small community and so we design tools for our practices and each other.


In my field, people are often overly concerned about minutiae to their own detriment. My solution is designed around keeping things simple and elegant. I'm looking for someone who is knowledgeable to collaborate with on an hourly basis in getting the solution done. I've got a lot done already, and I've got the vision in my head. If you've got experience in designing UI's, please be sure to include some screenshots of your work.


The bigger portion of it is this: I'm looking for support in taking it to the next level after this is done. Meaning... I'll take care of the hard stuff: marketing, advertising it, and selling it to my extensive peer network. I'd like to have someone working with me that I can refer these clients to who can handle support issues, custom features, etc... someone who specializes in FileMaker and who is familiar with the solution.


Please contact me at lwagner2001 at hotmail.com, along with your experience, hourly rates (or specify "negotiable"), and, for people who have done UI work, some screenshots of your work.

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Johnny Boy

Your e-mail address is incorrect. Please correct.


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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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