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sliding/printing problem fm7


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I got a problem in fm7. I got two portals from different tables which I need to display and print in preview mode one below the other. There will be a random number of records in each portal so I am setting the portal rows to a very high number and use the sliding/printing option to get rid of any unused portal rows. All works fine for the first portal, but if the second portal starts anywhere below the first A4 page in layout mode, it is just freaking out in preview mode (not moving up, printing across footer etc.). This just seems to happen if I got 2 portals - if I got 1 portal and some other fields to slide up, it works fine. Any ideas?



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I had the same problem but with one large portal on a report that had large text fields as well. I had the portal down near the bottom of the report layout, which worked fine in 6 but stopped working in 7. I finally found that I had to bring the portal to the top 1/3 of the first page to get it to work, which doesn't help me much for this particular report. Switching to 8 fixed that problem, but now the portal rows sometimes double up (randomly). At Devcon I stopped by the tech support but they couldn't figure it out either. The girl asked me to email it to her after the conference, but hasn't returned my emails.

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