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setting currency in a script?


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Hi there,


is it possible to write a script that lets the user chose the currency of a number field (as in the format->number setting)? The only way around I could find was using a separate text field to display the currency and leave the number field without currency - there must surely be a more elegant way...?


Many thanks,



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The currency symbol of a number field is not an aspect of the data that's in the number field; it's strictly an apect of how it appears onscreen.


If you want to set the appearance of a number field via script, you can:


• use the script to navigate to a different layout where the number field is formatted as a different currency (this is a klunky solution, under most circumstances NOT the way to go); or


• as you said, use a text calc field that varies the leading currency symbol according to formula in reference to a variable or field set by script

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