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editing calculation field


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Is there a way to create a calculation field where the contents can be modified in some cases?


For example, I'm creating a 'Internal Contact List' database with fields for First Name and Last Name. The Email field is a calculation since most of the addresses are created following the same pattern ('First Name'.'Last Name'@ourcompany.com). However, there are exceptions, principally for employees with more than one surname ('Van Buren', for example) or that were part of a company that was bought out (and which use a different address creation scheme).

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No you cant modify a calc field. However, you can have another field ontop of the calc field on the layout so that users can manually overide the preformat. Make sure that the calc field is not enterable.


IOW, you can have the calc field do something like this.

cEmail = If ( IsEmpty ( Trim ( OverrideField ) );


FirstName & "." & LastName & "@" & ourcompany & ".com"


; OverrideField



Put OverrideField ontop of the

calc field.

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Thanks Ender, that was exactly what I was looking for. Although Mr. Vodka's solution reminded me of the Trim function which was perfect to handle the first type of exceptions. The auto-enter calculation therefore looks like this:


TrimAll (FirstName & "." & LastName & "@ourcompany.com"; 1; 3)

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