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Extracting a word via position function

Rob Evans

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I need to extract from a field ("Combo data") one word. It is either the 3rd or 4th word in the field, depending on various circumstances, and it always follows a colon-space (": "). I just can't make the combination of Left or Right function together with the Position function do the job. Thanks.

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But if you want the word AFTER ": ", try:


Let ( [

pos = Position ( Combo data ; ": " ; 1 ; 1 ) ;

snip = Right ( Combo data ; Length ( Combo data ) - pos - 1 )

] ;

LeftWords ( snip ; 1 )


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I pasted your suggestion exactly nto my field calculation, but I get a message highlighting the second "snip" and telling me that "the specified field cannot be found."

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Which version of Filemaker?


This is weird:

If you have version 7 and above, it should work.

If it's version 6 or lower, it should bulk right at the starting "Let".


In any case, if you don't have version 7 or 8, use:


LeftWords (

Right (

combo data ,

Length ( combo data ) - Position ( combo data , ": " , 1 , 1 ) - 1

) ,

1 )

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Thanks and apologies. Your original calculaton did work. I had mistranscribed one part of it. I'm using FM 7 and now I have two ways to produce the same result. Many thanks!

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