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Import Picture = Terrible print quality


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I am trying to do something that should be very basic. I want to put a clean and simple logo in the header of our invoices. The logo consists of simple vector shapes, it includes no fonts or imported images.


Using the Insert-> Picture... command, I try and import an Illustrator EPS file and it has a horrible rasterized screen preview. Inserting a TIFF file works better, but despite the fact that it looks fine on the screen, and is an un-resized 300dpi TIFF file, it prints out as if it was a low-res image. Tried other file formats too like PNG and GIF but get the same results. JPG would not seem to work as a JPG file would anti-alias and that would not reproduce the logo properly.


I have heard that containers are the way to go for importing graphics into a FM database, but that doesn't seem to apply to the basic layout.


I am using Filemaker Pro 7 on Mac OSX 10.3.9.


I can't believe that there is no way to render a simple line art graphic in a Filemaker layout. What am I doing wrong? Help!

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You should have good luck with the TIFF... how does it look when printing from PhotoShop (or whatever you're using)? I've done that lots of times and it works well, without resorting to using a container field. I usually use JPEGs just because in a network situation, they're smaller so they load faster.

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