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Change selected text color


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Not necessarily a script. It can be done with a calculation field, or an auto-enter calculation into a text or number field. You need to look up FMP 7's text formatting functions.


I don't have a copy of FMP 7 ewith me at the moment so I can't be more specific...

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to set the color of all occurrences of a matched word:


set field[text 1, Substitute( text1 ; text2 ;TextColor( text2 ;RGB(0;0;255)))]


to set the color of a selected string wtihout resetting prior selections:


set field[text1, Replace( text1 ; Get(ActiveSelectionStart) ; Get(ActiveSelectionSize) ;TextColor(Middle( text1 ;Get(ActiveSelectionStart) ; get(ActiveSelectionSize));RGB(255;0;0))) ]


to set the color of a selected string after resetting prior selection:


set field[ Replace( TextColor(text1;RGB(0;0;0) ); Get(ActiveSelectionStart) ; Get(ActiveSelectionSize) ;TextColor(Middle(text1 ; Get(ActiveSelectionStart) ; Get(ActiveSelectionSize));

RGB(255;0;0))) ]


Vaughan, I couldn't get this to work as an auto- enter, even though i set to replace existing value, it only works first time round. What am I missing?



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I think you may need to trigger the Auto-enter by using sometthing like


If(Get(ActiveFieldName) = "text1";"Do your thing";text1)


Sorry about "Do your thing" but this is whatever calculation you want to perform on the field text1 it is NOT replace text1 by "Do your thing" smile.gif

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