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Hopefully a simple calculation


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My company paid to have a database built for data entry but no one here has any experience in FileMaker. So we have all this data entered now, but we don't know how to extract it.


Here is what we have and need:

To make this simple I will break it down like we have several names and their Win/Lose records.

Name Date Wins Loses

Man A Sept 10 2 1

Man B Sept 12 4 5

Man C Sept 12 6 1

Man A Sept 10 5 2

Man B Sept 10 7 3

Man C Sept 10 2 3


All of this data is entered. Now we need to generate a simple report from it that looks like this:

Sept Totals W L

Man A 7 3

Man B 11 8

Man C 8 4


I can get it to add the entire column without any problem, but how do I get it to add the totals for each individual name? I wouldn't think this would be very hard but since I have never seen this program before, I am at a loss.


Hope this wasn't too much info, but I'm new at this. Thanks for any help - It is much appreciated

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You need to add in a subsummary part into your report so that when sorted by Man it does the sub totals. This is fairly well explained in the Filemaker help file - do a search for subsummary part. If you have problems post again.

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