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entering phonenr in relation


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Hi i have a customer db where the phonenr is

I also have a db where i have all the jobs that we are doing

now when i make a new card i type in the ponenr and the rest of the adress then comes by it self now it happens that there is a space in the end of the phonenr in the customer db then the relationschip dont recognice the customer if the space dont comes with in the typing in the jobs db

can any one tellme how to do this so that it is not an isue and dont tell me to not type in the space that have i told them

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don't use user entered data as relationship keys. Create a filemaker generated serial number that users can't change.

A temporary fix (v7 only) may be to try this: make the phonenumber field an auto-enter calculation (replaces existing value)



that will lob off trailing and leading spaces upon data entry.


But I suggest you reconsider your setup. What if the client moves and his phonenumber changes?





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