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Once again - Portal not displaying correct records


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Hi Everyone,


I was just posting the following when I half figured out my problem. Here is the post I was going to write...



I have a portal which displays records based on matches to a multikey field.

the multikey field contains values which match to 4 fields in my portal.


I have a script which 'clears' search fields (search fields contain values the multikey is based on in order to filter results) by filling in all possible matches to the multikey - thereby showing the entire contents of the table in the portal.


one field in the portal contains image file names

eg 1223_red_flower_001.jpg or cover_32123_bluejacket_3399.tif

lets say the table has 4 such entries.


when I 'clear' my multikey field (enter all 4 possible matches) the portal only shows 2 entries. I can verify the match is present in the multikey by displaying it. It would appear that the failing matches have no spaces at the beginning or end which would baffle the match.


Now, to make it really confusing. If I enter just the relevant info into the multikey to match just one of the records which isnt appearing - it does appear. (I was actually entering just the first few number of the filename)


I hope this makes sense.

Its doing my head in.


Thanks for any assistance.





I figure the problem is that some of the filenames in the fields are longer than 25 characters.

my multikey may contain a whole filename (say 27 characters) and my match field for the filename contains a calculation with..







all the way out to 30 characters


BUT! if the key is longer than 25 it wont match.

So.. my idea for a work around to this is to trim all the entries in my multikey to 25 characters..

I populate the multikey with a call to ValueListItems - and the value list it calls point to related fields.

But, how can I get the ValueListItems function to only return the first 25 characters of each item?

is there another way to populate a value list with entries from all records in a related table?

what am I going to do if I have a bunch of filenames each 30 characters but differing only in the last few characters?


Sorry for this hugely confusing post....


Thanks in advance...



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