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What is the best way to have an field (A) formated as a pop-up list then select the name you want from that list..THEN run a script..without a pause?

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see this thread


In it are two solutions, one for mac and one for windows.

the mac solution is not perfect as there may be some screen flicker or a nervous mouse pointer and I don't think it can do without a timeout counter. AFAIK the windows version works OK.

I personallly prefer a simple "go" button next to the popup, that way the user is always able to correct a selection mistake before triggering a script action that may not be undoable or get him somewhere he does not want to go.

also if you're working cross-platform you have to insert a test for the platform version.


If you have money to spend, check out these plugins:

pre-7: SCRIPTit

7: CNSmenu



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The best way is probably to use an event plugin: there is a free one for FMP 7, but you'll have to pay for FMP 6 and earlier.


The second best method is to get people to click on a button to run the script: its simplicity and ease of operation take a lot of beating.

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