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Parsing a value list into new records


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Hi Everyone,


This is my first post, so please be patient with me if I'm posting incorrectly.


I'm building a tracking system for our retouchers. Basically a list of files is sucked in and they can check boxes along the line until completion. The details of which are irrelevant and would bore you all.


I'm doing pretty well and have been referring heavily to these forums which are FANTASTIC.

However. I've hit a wall with the following task.


I have a field containing a list of filenames.

ie :





each is on a new line. Basically the same format as a value list I guess.


Now I want to put each of these filenames into its own record, in a field named "filename"




Im stumped. can it be done?


I used the troi file plug in to generate the file list using TrFile_List_folder


is there a better way to get a list of files into a group of records?


Any help would be great


Thanks in advance



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Hi There,


Thanks for this. It seems on the surface to work very well.


I'm having a bit of a mental blank as to how I can grab the results and concatenate them to end of an existing set of records in another table.


Can you think of an easy way to do that?


Thanks again for the demo



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I guess Im unsure as to how I can directly integrate the operation of your demo into my own db. so Ive basically taken the demo and dumped it into my solution. I want to transfer the records created by your demo, and add them to the end of an existing table of my creation.


so basically i'm just asking for an easy way to take records from one table and put them in another.



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IIUC, you need to remove the part in my script that checks for existing records. The scripts are commented, so it should be easy.


Otherwise, an easy way to take records from one table and put them in another is by importing.

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