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Splitting a field's contents


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Hi All

As part of a database tidy up I am trying to split the contents of a field into 2. ie I have a (text) field (called quote ref) that contains 1234-1 (different in each record) and I need to leave the first 4 digits (1234) where they are, remove the dash alltogether and put the 1 (after the dash) into another (number) field. I have to do this for about 6000 records. If anyone can help that would be fantatstic!

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First ...Make a good backup of your database....just in case.


I presume there is always 4 digits then a dash and a digit.

I don't like to assume because you know the rest.

And the second number field is blank. If not script will still work.


Now the script


Set Field [Field2] Field2 & Right(Field1;1)

##Settting field2 contents of field2 and number after the dash ##

Set Field [Field1] Left(Field1,4)



After you have proven it on a few records... then add



Go to record request [first]

##Above script goes here ##

Go to record request [next] [exit after last]

end loop


Again ...Make a good backup of your database....

Before you run this because it will change your data for good.

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I agree with Chopper. The ONLY thing we can guarantee is that the dash is the separator, ie, might there be a number 12 after the dash? So I suggest using that as the split point instead of depending upon the length of characters on either side. And a space at beginning or end will also skew your parse and will result in dropped characters.


Prior posts indicate vs. 7 so the following would work and be a bit safer. Just use them in your Set Field[] calculations:


Grab left side: Trim(Middle(text ; 1 ; Position(text ; "-" ; 1 ; 1) - 1))


Grab right side: Trim(Middle(text ; Position(text ; "-" ; 1 ; 1) + 1 ; 99))

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What can I say, you're both legends!

Job done... I did have a few double digits after the dash, but just omitted them before running the script.


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