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I need to print a portal with number of record varies from one to a hundred. How can I set it up such that the number of pages print will change according to the number of records in the portal? Thank You

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Hello HappyMan,

Some folk will shy away from printing from a portal in preference for locating the relevant records in a layout based on their 'home table' and printing from there. That's certainly an option, however if you would prefer to persist with the portal, I suggest that you go into Layout mode, select the portal, then go to the format menu and choose the option for "Sliding/Printing...".


Within the Sliding/Printing dialog, choose the option to 'Slide up based on: all above' and the option (further down) for 'Also reduce the size of the enclosing part'. Then make sure that the divider for the body part fits snugly under the last row of your portal.


Once you've done that, when you preview and print, you should find that FileMaker produces only as many pages as are required to accommodate the number of portal records present. wink.gif

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