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calculating Service dates


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I'm using FMP7, and trying to set up reoccuring service dates for clients... the three frequencies we offer are; bi-weekly, weekly and twice weekly service. I've entered the start dates of each customer, but am getting a headache trying to get automated returns of dates we serviced each client for both invoices and route assignments.


Any ideas how to do this?



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A couple of questions:


- are these service dates for a fixed period (a month, a year?)

- is this period the same for all customers?

- or is the service period indefinite?

- are they to be offered for fixed days (e.g. every wednesday, every monday and thursday)? The twice weekly service: how many days apart?


I think you should work toward a line items table, that can be used for both the invoices and for the route assignments. Creating the line items can be scripted based on the service contract period per customer. A line item can represent a week that has 1 or 2 service visits linked to a day in the week.


But if the service periods are limited then maybe there's a calculated solution within one record.

Please post again.



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Service is not a fixed amount of time, or specifically for fixed days apart. The clients (based on availablity) can pretty much state when they want us to come around... for instance, take two customers; one requested every other friday; the other, all Wednesdays before noon. Then to make things really complicated, this friday, the first customer needed us to come on Saturday instead. They also can cancel service, or put service on Hold at any time (On Hold is VERY comman since our area is seasonal for 50% of the people who live here) -It's a wealthy resort area, and it's all based on the specific customer's needs.


I am working up an idea, using portals to list the LAST, CURRENT and NEXT months potential service dates, and a script to move over the ones that we actually serviced. I will post the file when I have it working a bit better.


thanks for your help!


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I think I would have a main record stating the rules (frequency, prefered day of week, etc.) and a related table listing the services AS PERFORMED. Then back on the main record, you can have a calculation field returning the next service due date, using the rules from the same record and the date of the latest performance from the relationship.


A simplified example:


NextServiceDue =

Case (

Frequency = "weekly" ;

PerformedServices::Date + 7 ;


Frequency = "monthly" ;

Date ( Month ( PerformedServices::Date ) + 1 ; Day ( PerformedServices::Date ) ; Year ( PerformedServices::Date ) ) ;



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ok... here is what I came up with (it's like incarnation #12 this weekend) I think from here, I *should* be able to export records that correspond with dates actually serviced, provided from the service techs in the field.


(I haven't idiot proofed it yet... Just added enough buttons so you all can look around without having to search too hard for data)


At least from here, it shouldn't be hard to just search all service dates per client for a specific month/year, and as long as there weren't any changes, invoices will be automatic. Off schedule changes, I will just hand adjust.


Did I do this whole thing the hard way??

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